Friday, January 17, 2014

american girl doll

it feels good to be blogging again. there are so many things i want to write about but for now i will start with my first big purge project of this year. as i have been "finding myself" and renewing my mind with healthy thoughts i have been reading other blogs again. i came across a blog post via social media that really hit close to home. in her post about why she took her kids toys away, ruth, talks about what was happening in the hearts and minds of her girls and the selfish behaviors she was noticing, and especially how they just kept wanting the next thing and were not being present in the moment. {this is a paraphrase from me, you should read her entire post its amazing!}.

i had been noticing these insatiable behaviors in maggie for a while and had my own personal aha moment with her when the new 2014 american girl (AG) "isabelle" was revealed on january 1, 2014. you see, maggie had just received the doll of the year "saige" for christmas from santa. before christmas maggie struggled with choosing to ask for saige or for the "look like me doll". we discussed it and decided that she would ask for saige bc saige would only be around until the end of 2013. {those ppl at AG have this doll thing down!} i would not be opposed to getting the dolls for her ~ really any of them and how ever many she wanted of them IF and this is a BIG IF, she actually played with the dang things.

let me back up a bit and tell you a story about another doll. a couple of years ago the daughter of a friend was having a birthday party at american girl in atlanta and any girls who had AG dolls were encouraged to bring theirs, if you did not have your own doll, not to worry, AG has dolls you can borrow. they have these super cute little chairs that attach to the tables so you and your dolls can eat together. great!! my friend also said not to worry bc she had extra dolls and so did her sister. her sister also had daughters so we were all set and didnt need to worry too much. maggie was a bit upset that she didnt have her "own" doll - mind you she did have an $80 AG bitty baby but that was not good enough, but we made it work with one from our friends niece. this doll was beautiful, looked like maggie and was hers for the entire day!

yeah us! the party was great and we survived the day without buying anything. as we left the party that day, the borrowed dolls sweet young owner said that maggie could borrow the doll for a while longer, i had mentioned to my friend that maggie hadnt played much with her bitty baby and i wasnt buying her a $120 AG doll if she wasnt really into them. so they let us borrow her. maggie played with her for about a week or so after the party and would sporadically pick her up if a friend came over, but for the most part she just sat in a bin in maggies room. after a while we were given the doll to keep forever. wow, what a blessing! i was super excited and so was maggie but she still didnt play with her. fast forward to this past holiday season. american girl, american girl, american girl! commercials, catalogs, and the one store in the ENTIRE SOUTH EAST happens to be at the mall we go we had an over load of AG this year. since the dolls are marketed to girls 8+ and maggie was almost 7, i thought, ok, maybe if she has another one, when a friend comes over she will now have two and they can each play etc, etc, etc. so i let her ask for one for christmas. so santa in all of his generosity brought her the doll, and the saige dress in maggies size! we got her and saige matching pajamas and the saige DVD! we were all saiged out and now we had TWO dolls. not only could maggie play with a friend and both her dolls now but she could have two dolls to play with using her own imagination.


that is until the week after christmas and commercials started showing for the freaking AG doll of 2014. these commercials are all mysterious, they show the outline of the doll but you cant see any details of her until the big reveal on jan 1. maggie was hooked, line and sinker and couldnt wait until jan 1 to see the new doll. mind you not even A WEEK OLD saige is on the floor in maggies room. seriously! does she not know that santa paid $120 for that doll?

so i was done. i had enough of maggies ungratefulness, her not enjoying what she has and always wanting more and more. so i took everything out of her room, all of her toys, GONE! i left her with books, her rainbow loom and her 3 american girl dolls; the bitty baby, the sweet gift from our friend and saige. i took everything out. (future post on the mess that was her room and what it looks like now!) i hope this will serve to teach her something...maybe it takes time, i dont know, she is still asking for isabelle for her birthday and you know what...

she still doenst play with those other stinkin dolls!

what about you and your kids? have you done anything like this?

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