Tuesday, June 4, 2013

M. arvlos O. utstanding M. om

I've been home with a sick baby boy this week but its allowed me to do some things around the house like clean up my home "office". You can't even see the surface of my desk for all the papers - mine and of course Maggie's - everything I did at school that I didn't already bring home since its the end of the school year pile!

As I was going through some of the items this morning I came across something that filled my heart with love and my eyes with tears.

Dear Mom!
I love you with all
My heart you can not stop me
From loving you even when you are not
Here I love you wance agin you
Can't stop me for ceeping
Me away from you my heart belongs
In yours
You are my hero
Maggie loves you
Love you mom
M stands for mom
A stands for awesome
G stands for great
S stands for spectakular!
M. arvlos
O. utstanding
M. om