Monday, April 8, 2013

new life

today is your special day
to proclaim the name of Jesus
the one who has shown you the way
you are such a delight
what a beautiful sight
to see
what amazing gift your
friendship is to me
thank you for your heart
for allowing me into a small part
of who you are
even that small part of you
shines like the brightest star
today a part of you will die
but that part is the rest of the lie
even though you became pure and new
the moment you said I do
today you will rise in Him
washed forever of your sin
today is a public symbol
of his dying sacrifice
to show the world around you
that he paid your high price
he shed his blood for you
to show you that He is true
there was nothing you could do
you must accept this amazing gift
and all that it comes with
grace patience mercy love
all of His wonderful blessings from above
today I rejoice with Him
grateful that you are my friend

Spring 2003

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