Tuesday, April 9, 2013

holy loved forgiven

i remember a time not so long ago
there were so many things i didn’t know
i lived life without any assistance
unaware of your existence
higher power, “god”, mother earth
the universe
self-help and counseling sessions
all those things kept me from seeing you there in heaven
i thought i was fine all on my own
little did i know i was lost and alone
thank you Lord even though i couldn’t see you
somehow you knew
all it would take, the heated debates
i thought i was crazy
my mind and thoughts were so hazy
alcohol, money, drugs and sex
all the insatiable desires of my flesh
through all of that darkness you could see
holy loved forgiven saved me
cleansing love that comes to us from above
thank you for helping me work it out
for sorting through all of my doubt
thank you that you always knew
i would eventually find what was true
thank you Jesus that truth was You


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