Thursday, April 11, 2013

camp highland

ahhhh camp highland. i have so many fond memories of that summer. see, since i came to know God so late in life - i was 27 - and i am an alcoholic - read addict - i took this christian thing serious. i went full force. i wanted to make up for lost time and have as many experiences as i could right away. i went a little over board in hindsight but hey you have to learn on your own right? i sure do miss all those cd's i threw out bc a book i read said to get rid of anything that has memories of your life "before" attached to it. so i threw away EVERYTHING. including my journey cd's, seriously? WTH? anyway, back to camp.

so one experience i wanted to have was being a camp counselor! ha! i had heard about a place called camp highland. they had an over night camp for big kids and a day camp for elementary aged kiddos. sign me up! it was on the same campus as my current church and it was a christian camp. see everything in my life needed to be christian at this point. i was obsessed. i even took my bible with me to the gym. dork :) but taking that with me to the gym proved purposeful when i meant one of my current best friends bc of it. i saw some girls walking into the gym one day and recognized them from church and kelly saw the bible on the treadmill and we started talking. we are still friends to this day!

kelly is on the left, me, tracey.

so i applied to work at the camp. best thing i did! i loved it, i have some awesome memories from that summer. made some great friends! sarah, jen, cathy, jonathan, michael, lauren, kurt. so much fun. the best part was that i got to be a kid again and really learn about faith through the eyes of a child. while i was teaching them i think i was really the one learning. it was also the first place i learned about serving others. ill never forget - which is funny since my memory stinks! one of the things that bill chapman - the founder of camp highland - said during our orientation. he was talking about the kiddos and how to serve them. now remember, we are talking about teenagers, young adults and me working with little kids. these kids were as young as 4 - almost 5 - and we were serving them. but it was amazing. bill said, when you are with these kids and they are doing something you want them to stop doing, think about this: are they just getting on your nerves or are they really going something they shouldnt be doing. i often think about that. there were many many times that summer that i was tired of doing something they wanted to do, or they really were driving me crazy or just really getting on my nerves but i kept on. i kept on playing, i kept on singing, i kept on serving them. it was awesome. i have a specific memory of carrying one little boy all the way across the parking lot {black as black can be parking lot in the hot hot summer} because he forgot his shoes. it was hot, he was heavy and i was tired, but i was there to serve him. so i carried him back and forth across that hot parking lot and back and his little feet never had to touch the hot ground.

me and sarah

cathy, me and jen

me and jonathan

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