Thursday, April 11, 2013

2000 continued

picking up where i left "i got saved" what does that even mean? for me it meant a lot. it completely changed the trajectory of my life. at the time all of the previous mentioned chaos was going on i was working in the adult entertainment industry as a stripper {there will probably be many more posts about that} and a shooter girl, yes i was stripping, serving drinks and working in a bar while sober. ha! no wonder i was such a "dry drunk" {someone who is still behaving like a drunk but isnt drinking}.

so i had this amazing spiritual moment on a monday afternoon, on the floor in my bedroom. the very next day, i went to work. i walked in and immediately felt something different, the usually loud music, people laughing, etc was not appealing to me. i walked in, walked over to the house mom and said im quitting. and i did. i never looked back.

i borrowed money from a friend, broke my apartment lease and moved in with my best friend. that december i moved in with my parents and started working at a video store. i had a thing for photography at the time so this was fun for me. i was going to church and 722 {a bible study for singles}. making new friends, i got in a small group, and started a new life away from all the chaos.

these are the ladies from my small group, steph (not the same as the BFF steph), me, jen w/ little abby, melissa and rose.

this is me and the best friend, stephanie.

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