Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 year old party {post four}

the girls!
of course the BIRTHDAY girl!
emma claire - we met her and her mom - and her ADORABLE little bro - one night at the avenue shopping center. we totally picked up the whole family that night and have been friends ever since. her mom is the bomb!
matney: my BFF's little girl! we have known her since she was in her mamas belly!
riley: she lives 2 doors down from us! we <3 her! her mom took all these rockin pics!
emily: ah, emily. maggies sweet friend from school! maggie ADORES!! her.
paige: my other BFFs daughter! we have also known her since she was in her mamas belly!
gargi: another sweet sweet friend from school! 
gargi is the one pictured in the below posts rockin it out!! shes super fun!
berkeley: my long long time friends daughter. ive known her mama FOREVER! 
ms. b and maggie are buds and SO much alike, the love and fight just like sisters!
briley: maggies first BFF. these two are such sweet little friends but never see each other, they met when they were in school together at buckhead church. 
so glad she was able to come to the party! 
her mom just had a new baby that was born on maggies actual bday!

** for some reason we dont have a picture of sweet bella in front of the #5 but we LOVE LOVE LOVE us some bella green!! we met her when she was also in her mamas belly. i worked with her dad at buckhead church. i had such a baby crush on her and now just adore the little girl she is becoming. she has a very very sweet spirit!

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