Sunday, February 19, 2012

the blessing of friends

so a few weeks back a bunch of amazing friends and our awesome family came over and helped clean my mom and dads house. a few weeks before the big day, i was cleaning under the sink and i felt the Lord speak to me and tell me that it was time to ask for help. for those of you who dont know,my mom is really sick. she has stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones. my dad is her primary care taker. i wanted to give them a sense of peace in their home and freedom to just be and spend time together rather than always be stressed out and worried about the house. my mom has a hard time just getting around and taking care of herself so i didnt want her to have to worry about the house! here are some awesome before and after pics! more of the basement to come! thanks again to everyone who helped makes this project a reality!

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