Sunday, January 1, 2012

zoo with friends

man what a beautiful day. we had an awesome day out with some friends. these little girls are such buddies but since one of them is now in kindergarten and i am not working anymore they dont get to see each other much as they did when they were in school together at buckhead church.

the animals were all out today because it was a little chilly and overcast. since we live way way far north we dont usually plan a day out to the zoo unless the weather is perfect, warm and sunny. well the animals dont like that, so if you are looking for a good zoo day go when its chilly and overcast or even a little rainy and you will see them all!

 the crew sans one little girl :)

 these babies are only 6 months old!

 goats love to eat christmas tress! who knew?
 here is bella brushing bella the goat :)
sweet friends!

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