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3 day walk - the history of moms group

Krista's TaTa Sisterhood

The Growing Process That Became KRISTA'S TA-TA SISTERHOOD 2007!

Told by Bobbie:

Towards the end of 2006 Becky (Krista’s sister in law) told our office in the morning meeting that Krista's cancer was back! After 10 years of being cancer free Krista & David got the news no one wants to hear. The cancer was back not in her breast this time but in her rib, spine, hip & pelvis. In our office we all think of each other as family, so Becky kept us all up to date on Krista's condition because now Krista, David and her family would now be a part of our family.

In January the TV ads for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk had everyone thinking that this could be any one of our family or us. A few of us said, “you know I've always wanted to do that walk but I just don't want to do it by myself”. As January rolled into February, the mass mail for The 3-Day walk came to several of our mail boxes. Lynda brought her copy to work, then Crystal sent off for info. We were all still thinking, “yea right, can't you see us walking 60-miles”!

At the end of February, Dr. C, our boss, announced in the morning staff meeting that our office would be closed the week of October 15th. We all looked shocked because we knew the walk was October 12th to the 14th and our office would be closed that next week for us to recuperate. Crystal said this is a sign we have to walk.

So on Thursday March 1, 2007 Crystal Condon ~ Team Captain, Becky Carron, Teresa Jones and Bobbie Smith signed up for the 3-Day walk and became Krista's Ta-Ta Sisterhood Team. Dr. C let us put posters up in the office and our friend Lynda gave us our 1st donation (I think she felt sorry for us) toward our goal of raising $2200.00 each so we could walk IN HONOR OF KRISTA GIBBS our heart and soul sister for LIFE. Lynda, Shannon and Lisa cheered us on as we got donations and moved our stars closer to our goal.

We all worked hard to get our donations in different ways. Crystal had a yard sale and baked a 1000 brownies and cookies for her husband to sale at his school. Teresa hit all the businesses around Jefferson and in the end Dr. C and Mike Carron from Mike's Grill split the small difference she needed to reach her goal. Becky had help from her husband Nick, he sent out emails to everyone at his office and her other donations came from the love of her family and friends who all know Krista. As for me (Bobbie) if I sent you a Christmas card the year before, you got a letter from me asking for your help. My husband Rick sent emails to all the reps for his company and I went to Gibson Dental Lab in Gainesville and received alot of help from Darryl, Alvin, Don, Wayne, Shelia, April and many others. By July all 4 team members had reached the goal that is needed to give you clearance to walk the 3-Day.

I walked on the treadmill and at The Outlet Mall in Commerce, Crystal walked all over her neighborhood, but found out she was pregnant and her doctor's would only let her walk 5 miles each day on the 3-day walk which I know was very disappointing to her. Beck & Nick walked every night and Teresa walked with her husband Brian.

The closer the walk got the fear of the unknown was very hard to deal with. We didn't know what to pack or how much to pack because the weather was cold one week and hot the next week.

So Thursday afternoon before the walk Me ma & Pepa put Becky, Teresa and myself and about 300 pounds of gear (that's what it looked like) in the car and took us to our
Hotel at Northpoint Mall. Kevin brought Crystal so he could go out to dinner with us that night and it's a good thing because I don't think the car could hold any more luggage! We had a great dinner that night with Krista, David, Me ma, Pepa, Kevin, Crystal, Teresa, Becky and myself. That was a gift from Me ma & Pepa in thanks for us walking for Krista.

We awoke the next morning around 5:00 a.m. and all we wanted was coffee!!! We got ready and waited for the shuttle bus to take us to Northpoint Mall for the Opening Ceremony and yes it was cold. Thank God we had put pink feather boas around our necks because that kept us warm, but by lunch we were molting. We each walked to our comfort level and then some went back to camp or would walk a few miles catch the sweep van and we would meet up at the next pit stop. At the end of the day I was so glad to see Becky, Teresa and Crystal had our tents up, but then that meant it was shower time and the fear of the great unknown set in. We had no ideal what to expect but after using Port-a pottys all day how bad could this be. They had tractor trailer's set up with 8 stalls and small shower curtains, but by then you were so tired and felt dirty that you just did not care. We ate dinner and went back to our tents in hopes of a good nights sleep. WRONG! Becky had to get up around 2 or 3 a.m. to use the port-a potty and fell out of the tent. I think we woke everyone up laughing. Then it took us 20 minutes to figure out how to zip the tent up. Crystal being pregnant was up and down all night with her own trips to the port-a potty. We awoke the next morning to FROST on our tents and suitcases that we left outside and Teresa kept telling Becky to turn the heat up, but by lunch we were molting again.

Teresa, Becky & I got so cold Friday night that Kevin picked both of them and Crystal up and went to Target to buy us warm pj's. When I walked into camp that night Becky, Teresa & Crystal had pulled sleeping bags out of the tents (it was hot in them by then) pulled them up on a hill in the shade and took a nap. We had our showers, ate dinner and stayed at the dinner tent for about 30 minutes and then we went back to our tents and talked about the ups & downs of the walk, but mostly we laughed together for hours and then it's lights out at 9:00. We bundled up in all our clothes to stay warm. Becky & I stuffed the clothes we would wear the next day in the bottom of our sleeping bags so they would be warm the next morning. Again WRONG it's hard to change when you can't stand up or don't want to get our from under the covers. We packed up all our luggage for the final day and it didn't matter what went in which suitcase the object was to just stuff it in and get your tent down (of course we didn't listen to the instructions on how to do that). For some reason the tent in that little pink bag didn't look like it did when we pulled it out.

They put us on buses and took us to our final day of walking. We would be walking down Peachtree Ind. Blvd to Buckhead and then to Peachtree Street and then into Piedmont Park for closing ceremonies. Crystal & I walked in together at the end. We all got our victory shirts and started to line up for the victory walk. That's when the tears begin and they don't stop no matter who you are. When you see older , middle age and young girls & men in pink survivor shirts your heart lets you know why you just walked 60 miles!

Becky, Teresa, Crystal & I had a sign painted by my mom that said KRISTA'S TA-TA SISTERHOOD MOTEL NO VACANCY TO CANCER! We carried this into closing ceremonies. I did fine until I looked up and on the hill standing on a cooler was our heart and soul sister Krista that's when you can't stop the tears if you wanted to. To see how proud she was of the 4 of us for walking for her will be in my heart and mind forever. After we walked in the cancer survivors that walked came in and we all held up 1 tennis shoe to show our support and dedication we had for them. Then the crew walked in behind them and we just passed tissue's all around the group because there were no dry eyes where we stood.

After the ceremony was over David had packed us a cooler of very refreshing drinks that we had requested if we walked. Thank you Nick for driving us girls home, stopping when we needed a real restroom and helping Kevin with our luggage. Thanks to Mema & Pepa for the snacks, chairs and hugs & kisses we all needed. Thanks to Kevin for cheering us on and helping to get our 300 pounds of luggage. But forever in my memory will be the LOVE David shows to Krista as they fight this battle together. To my sisterhood Becky, Teresa and Crystal we could not have done this without each other. To Krista my heart and soul sister I will sign up and walk the 2008 3-Day walk again in your HONOR because you put everyone first and never think of yourself or show your pain. You give everyone the inspiration to go on and live life to the fullest. I pledge to you I will walk if you will fight! My Love to you and your family, Bobbie

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