Tuesday, June 28, 2011

update on buddy

they say you never take as many pictures of your children as you do of your first. well i beg to differ. and according to my memaw, i dont take enough of the bug anymore. and SO this post is all about buddy. he continues to be the most joyful, easy going baby i have ever seen. he literally only cries when he is hungry or tired. he is a big bundle of love and we couldnt be happier that God chose us to be his family. he is off the charts - literally - in height 27.7 inches and weight 18.9 lbs {this is from 6.8.11}.

the pictures are in reverse order of his age but are in correct order of the most recent happenings. i hope you enjoy them.

i adore this first picture. i took it today. he fell asleep on his play mat, so i moved him to the car bc we were going to the neighborhood pool. rather than put him in his car seat and wake him up i just set him in the front seat sort of curled up in his blanket and off we went the .2 miles :) before he woke up 5 sec later i snapped this shot.

this is his big sissy, he LOVES her. i am and pretty sure the feeling is mutual!

holding his bottle for .00001 milliseconds by himself, but hey its a start!

bud and his little girlfriend, our next door neighbors daughter. she is three weeks older than him.

sweet boy

i have a similar pic of bug. i love when they get to this age of scooting themselves all the way down in things!

love sissy!

chillin in the pool!

look at those lips!

sleepy big boy

happy boy!

more happy!

and i had to post this. i LOVE IT!!

first time in the pool!

why yes, i do have a sister, why do you ask?


first time reaching out for things

i love this pic! just chillin with the mom.

he loves his food!

sibling love

handsome little man

another favorite!

cathing up

again with the busy life. its crazy around these parts with 2 children! our week consists of lots of fun but i am starting to feel a bit like a "soccer" mom. im in the car ALLLLL the time. but its good stuff.

bug has been chosen to be in advanced preschool gymnastics (HOT SHOTS) along with only 7 other girls her age, so we are busy with that 2 days a week for 1.5 hours each time. thats a lot for a 4 year old!

we go to my moms every other weekend and try to have as many play dates as we can.

here are a few pics from the past few weeks.

Monday, June 13, 2011

basement project

we have been busy around these parts sorry for the lack of posting for those 4 loyal blog readers i have out there!

my most recent project around the house was to organize my corner of the basement. since i left work back in november we have had this corner of the basement where i have let stuff just pile up. things i brought home from work my sewing stuff etc. so i sent bug to my moms and got to cleaning.

here are the before pics:

here are the after pics!

this project only took 2.5 - 3 hours and $24. :)