Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Show

This is a video that only family will watch :)

Maggies Spring Show

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hey you wanna die together

Tonight we were talking about Bugs name. Her full name is MaggieMae Grace Ritter - the Mae never took.

Maggie: I just want to be Maggie Grace Ritter.

Me: why don't you like Mae?

Maggie: I just don't.

Me: did you know you were named after your gg grandmother? Her name was Mae? Like buddy is named after pop pop his name is William and my grandpa - the one who died - his name was Thomas.

Maggie: where is my gg grandmother?

Me: she died a long long time ago. She's in heaven with my grandpa and white one - readers that's our cat that died.

Maggie: is your grandpa who died her husband?

Me: no he's her son.

Maggie: hey they get to be together in heaven and can hang out. Hey do you wanna die together?

Me: tears

Um wow

bath time for buddy

i was looking at some pics of little man to see how much he has grown and found these of him in his little bath tub!



first laugh

enjoy :)