Friday, April 15, 2011


have you or any of your kids ever had hives? well bug did. it was the scariest thing!

so here is what happened: she went to her school yesterday, had all the same foods she always has, didnt have any new craft supplies, no new environments etc. after we left school we got in the car and drove for 10 minutes to the store. we got out of the car and i noticed a rash on her back/shoulder area, i looked under her dress and saw another spot so since she got her 4 yr old shots yesterday my first thought was that she was having a reaction to the shots. so i got a little nervous and called the dr. we immediately got back in the car and drove to the closest dr office. by the time we got to the dr her back looked like this:

it took about 5 mins to go back to a room and about 10 to be seen, by the time the dr came in, her front and neck had spots everywhere and it was moving to her face!

i was freaking out! the nurse kept reassuring me that it was just hives and it was fine. but seriously this thing was spreading like kudzu in the summer!

turns out it was just hives, they dont know what caused them but once they gave her benadryl she was fine. she has broken out 4 more times since yesterday. the medicine helps.

ahhhh parenting

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Julie Tiemann said...

It is so scary! Lily had them when she was around a year old I think. The problem is, we found out the hard way that she is one of those rare kids for whom Benadryl has the opposite effect - it made her HYPER. We discovered this when she was itching head to toe and it was nighttime. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night for all of us. Not fun. Hope Bug stays hive-free from here on out!!