Friday, April 1, 2011

a few thoughts

just wanted to write down a few things about buddy so i can remember:

*buddy weights 15 lbs and he is exactly 2 months old today
*he slept 6.5 hours today and did not eat at all during that time, that is a BIG deal for little fatty!
*he is smiling and laughing
*he loves to tap naps at the pool when bug takes her swimming lessons, when in doubt take him to the pool and he is happy
*he continues to be really mellow, he will let me put him down to sleep at night when he is just drowsy - like you are "supposed" to do - and will just hang out and try to find his thumb until he falls asleep --- bug on the other hand would freak out and cry cry cry, he will just hang out by himself on the couch for hours
*still is breastfeeding and formula feeding, doesn't care where the food comes from, he just loves to eat, hence the 15 lbs
*he does not love the paci, he will only tolerate it when he is really tired and you are holding him on your chest. when he is tired he likes to be held with the paci against your chest with a blanket around his back and over his head. perfect recipe for night night

thats all for now :)

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