Sunday, March 20, 2011

shared ideas?

hi moms and friends who are not yet moms.

i have been thinking a lot lately as i am staying home with the babies about what in the world to do with my kids to entertain them without spending money and spending the entire day in front of the TV. i know some of you dont even have TV so i thought maybe we could all share ideas with each other.

if you follow other blogs that share ideas you have probably seen this thing that i have below, its called MR LINKY. basically the concept is you read my post and then you post about the same topic on your blog and link it here so others can read what you think. then on your blog you link back to this blog so more people can see this post and will link their posts for more ideas!

do you think you would participate if i started one here? comment if you would be interested and ill start one. i want to post about what a typical day looks likes with my kids and then have you do the same. the linky below is just an example you dont need to link in yet :)

these are some of the topics i am thinking of:

what do you do to entertain your kids?
what do you feed your kids? or your family menu for the week?
what are you doing this summer with your kids?

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