Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bangs :)

what is it about kids and scissors but i think every child goes through a time when they need to cut everything. their clothes, things in the house like a memory board mommy just made and then there is the hair.

bug has cut hers 3 times. once where you couldnt see it and i didnt really notice and then there are the 2 other times where she cut her hair right smack in the front middle of her forehead. you know where you cant really do anything about it.

well just when it was finally growing out from the first time she scalped herself she then did it again.

so while i was all "awe so cute, she cute her hair, we all do it" yada yada i really got tired of looking at her jacked up hair!

here she is before we got it cut today:

see how its longs on the sides and right in the middle its really really short. well that bc it was growing out!!

anyway i took her today to get it cut. i figured we would cut longer bangs to cover up the shorter ones, and then at least it would look like she was supposed to have bangs.

she looks so different and SO much younger. but it works for now.

what about you. what has your kid done that you had to "cover up"?

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