Wednesday, December 1, 2010


who would of ever thought I would be a stay at home mom. not me. are you serious, i never thought i would get married let alone have kids and then to not work and stay home with them? never. i found a lot of my identity in my work. before when it was not the most "appropriate" line of work (if you dont know the history let me know and ill fill you in) to when i was working at the church. i love buckhead church. i mean LOVE it. i love the mission, i love the people, i love the work itself. for 7 years i loved it. and then something happened. i am not sure exactly what that was but something happened last year.

i think right around the time i went to cambodia and realized that my job could continue without me. that the church and what i do didnt fall down without me being there to make it happen. i know that may seem silly to you but i think i really felt that way for a long time. for several years i did everything by myself and i think i had the mentality that i was the only one who could do certain things. but this year has made me realize that i am indeed not the only person who can do my "job" at the church. so that realization led me to where i am now.

sitting on my couch blogging about my day.

we got up today about 7am. made memory boards for a couple of hours. put one of our rooms back together; we painted it this week. cleaned 2 bathrooms. vacuumed. put a bunch of stuff in the attic {dont tell my husband :)}. then i took a nap on the couch while bug watched some videos. then we made banana bread :)

so thats where we are right now. i have some pictures to post soon from "project turn bugs pink room into a unisex room for her and her big brother - nick". stay tuned.....

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