Wednesday, May 5, 2010

conversations with {juicy} lucy

also known as my grandmother and bugs great grandmother. if you remember a while ago i mentioned that i was going to interview her for some insight in to her life. here is the first installment of questions.

#1. Did you ever think you would live to be 82? Yes
#2. Whats the greatest thing about being 82? That I enjoy being 82.
#3. Whats your secret for living to age 82? Take a day at a time and enjoy every minute.
#4. What is your date of birth? 10/7/28
#5. Where were you born? Cheney, Kansas
#6. Where were your parents born? Father (Ketsville, Mo.) Mother (Cheney, Kansas)
#7. Number of brothers or sisters? How long did they live or how old are they now? I was an only child. Have 2 half sisters, Sandi and Nellie Grace Ball and l half brother, John Ball Jr.
#8. How old were you when you first married? 17
#9 How many children did you have? 3 - Krista Gibbs, Randal and Mark Bishop
#10. Do you still vote? Yes
#12. What level of education have you completed? East High School graduate 1945; 1 semester college Wichita State College, 1 year real estate appraiser.

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