Tuesday, February 2, 2010

brushing her teeth

so the other day i was brushing bugs teeth {i confess we DO NOT do it twice a day every day} and as i was brushing them her gums were sore and red so i made a note to myself that i need to make it a point to brush them every day no matter what.

so tonight it was time. i told her the other day that in order for her to not have yucky gums anymore we had to brush, otherwise her teeth would fall out. {gotta scare them right :)} so tonight before bed we went into the bathroom go the brush, put on the toothpaste and then sybil came out. you will remember her from when you met her here and here :)

so i told her she could brush them or i could OR i would hold her down and we would still brush them. she fought me and fought me so we held her down. went to bed, all was well. as she and i were cuddling up in bed doing our nightly routine she said:

bug: mommy im sorry i got mad at you
mommy: for what bug, me brushing your teeth
bug: yes, the next time, when i am a bigger girl, i will just do it by myself and not cry

then end :)

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