Monday, January 25, 2010


update on the bug
  • she has learned how to snap. she does it all day long!
  • she loves to watch word world over and over again and every time they "build a word" she dances and snaps to the beat.
  • she likes to tell me a secret: she cups her hands over my ears but then puts her ear to my ear and talks off to the side. its funny!
  • she still loves shoes. every time we go to the mall or store or whatever we have to talk before we get there, that we will not be getting any shoes this time.
  • she still loves black beans. she could eat them anytime of the day. she also really likes green beans, the other day we saw a commercial that had green beans in it after 8 at night and she said she wanted some green beans. i said now? she said yes, so she ate them cold in a bowl as a snack.
  • her favorite color is purple.
  • when i make oatmeal in the morning, she says, i dont like oatmeal, i dont even want to smell it.
  • when she gets mad i make her take a deep breath and say "im not gonna freak out".
  • she loves showers.
  • she is a PJ freak, thanks to my mom she must have a gazillion pairs, but in all seriousness bug would wear PJs all day every day if i let her. if you see her in PJs when she shouldnt be, just know i chose to pick my battles that day.
  • she hates for me to fix her hair. i can tell her curly hair and i are going to go to blows often as she gets older.
  • i think she is starting to feel remorse. sometimes after we have a disagreement or she gets in trouble later that day or night she will say all on her own. mommy im sorry i got mad at you at the mall or the store or where ever we were. its precious.
  • she rode her horse all by herself the other day with only her ob leading the reigns, no one was holding on to her! she has her own saddle that is just her size
  • she loves her cousin emma. it has been great that we have been able to see her a lot lately!
  • whenever we watch a video now like a princess one or incredibles or even Olivia, she always picks a character and says, "thats me".
  • she is fascinated with the remote control. she likes to turn the volume up and down and she likes to pause, rewind and fast forward her videos. we often "discuss" the volume she chooses bc she likes it "SUPER LOUD."
anyway thats all for now. enjoy these few pics of her on her horse, with her cousin emma, her ob and her just being her.

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