Sunday, December 27, 2009

our special place

so tonight we had a friend over and i wanted to go out to get dinner for all of us. me, christian, bill, nicholas and bug. i was going to just run down the street and pick up moes.

after i got everyones order i told bug i would be right back and to stay with daddy and get a tattoo and i would be right back.

well she started crying, like she does a lot of the time when i leave, but i thought for sure the promise of a tattoo would make her settle down.

she kept crying and said: mommy, go somewhere else, go somewhere else. ill be sad if you go to moes. its our special place! i wanna go with you!

on my goodness what a sweet girl! moes has become our special place and we do go there often just me and her but i didnt realize how special it was to her.

so of course she went with me!

i just had to share bc i dont want to forget that moment!

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