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what can you do to help end slavery?

“I’m just a student. What can *I* do to end slavery?

By notforsaletn

College Student

How Do You Wear Your Orange? When I first heard the phrase “How do you wear your orange?”, and saw photos of people on the Not For Sale Campaign (NFSC) website wearing orange bandanas, bracelets and shoelaces, I thought it was merely a cute gimmick. I should have known better. Dave Batstone, NFSC’s president, isn’t into cute gimmicks.

Over time, I realized that the physical wearing of orange represented a core value of the Not For Sale movement: Our commitment to help find the place in ending slavery that fits you and your unique skills, experience, talents, passions and sphere of influence. Here are some snapshots of ways STUDENTS can engage:

  • Athletes/ Fitness buffs can organize Free2Play events, joining pros like Major League Baseball player Jeremy Affelt in providing facilities and equipment for rescued children, enabling them to be free to play or hold a Free2Walk event, raising awareness and funds for a project of their choice.
  • Artists can express their feelings about slavery in their art, hold an exhibition or art benefit or offer prints to raise funds to help victims. “Release Me” (see photo) is an example of an artist using her gifts and passion to free slaves.
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  • Musicians can write a song about slavery, hold a benefit concert (both of which are current actions by the band 3 Minutes to Live), hold a battle of the bands, and/or sell items made by rescued slaves at their events, as artist Amy Courts does.
  • Campus ministries can go through the Not For Sale Bible Study “Set the Captives Free” and then put what they learn into action by holding a Chocolate Campaign to end child slavery on the Ivory Coast.
  • Groups of students can target specific areas of town to hang posters that lead to victim identification. A Not For Sale TN volunteer graphic designer created these eye-catching and effective tools. Write to us to arrange to pick up posters or to get a pdf file emailed to you to print your own by emailing info@notforsaletn.org.
  • Consumers can hold a home/school party, selling items made by rescued slaves and, in the process, sharing the stories behind the items, or host a Presents with a Purpose event before a holiday, enabling people to purchase gifts that bless the creator, as well as the receiver. Items include cute tote bags, beautiful, unique jewelry, coffee and more.
  • Actors can put on a production related to human trafficking. One group created a powerful presentation using victims’ own words from the book To Plead Our Own Cause.
  • Writers can write about slavery for the school paper, highlight local trafficking and the activities of Not For Sale for local media, create a play or poetry on modern slavery, and/or write to news media sources correcting terminology in reports on the topic i.e. prostituted children, NOT child prostitutes, world’s oldest exploitation not profession, no such thing as a ‘victimless crime’ etc.
  • Anyone can
  1. Host a movie/discussion night, or other awareness and/or fundraising event. We have lots of resources and ideas to share with you.
  2. Decorate some cans/jars or boxes, label them with a bit of information about NFSTN and human trafficking, and ask store owners for permission to place one by their cash register. Offer to come by to collect donations at regular, agreed upon intervals. Send the funds to donate@notforsaletn.org
  3. Use your social networks to inform others about slavery. Commit to post at least one fact a week on FaceBook, Twitter, your blog or MySpace, for example.
  4. Download music from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
  5. Ready for serious action? Start a monthly club , helping participants to become more informed and more involved. We’ll help with resources and ideas!

There are a lot of ways to physically wear orange: Shirts, purses, hats, ribbons, patches, socks and more. And there are about as many ways to become an activist in this cause as there are willing people.

We want to connect you and your passions to the movement to end slavery.

Contact us for more information about these, and other ways of becoming a modern Abolitionist, use the contact form on our website or write to:


this information is taken from the not for sale tennessee website

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