Monday, October 26, 2009

serving opportunity to help trafficking victims

if you want to help the survivors of human trafficking in atlanta i have the perfect opportunity for you. redeemed, the organization i serve with, is currently accepting female volunteers for their emergency housing team.

Emergency Housing Volunteer Description

Volunteer Description

1. Ensure the survivors (maximum of two (2) young women at a time) keep the schedule daily. The schedule will be provided to volunteers in advance.
2. Assist in the long-term recovery home application process.
3. Provide encouragement, advice and guidance to the survivors in the home
4. Discipline in love and set boundaries
5. Transfer survivors to therapy and life skills classes (2-3 times/week)
6. Monitor the survivor if leaving the home together during your shift (survivor must stay in eyesight and close vicinity if not at the emergency home)
7. Assist in setting the alarm at night and/or in the morning
8. Monitor phone calls during supervised phone time (retrieving the phone out of the locked area and staying in the room during phone time).
9. Love the survivors with compassion and commitment.

Required Skills
Intensive training will be provided. Emergency housing volunteer must be committed to the program and those participating in it. Emergency housing volunteer must have a desire to learn and set boundaries with individuals coming through the transition home. They must also be committed to restoration and persevering in love with the young women in the home.

Atlanta, GA

Business Unit/ Manager
Volunteer Department/ Report to Emergency Housing Coordinator

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