Wednesday, September 30, 2009


so thanks to a good friend of mine i got some great stats about trafficking and atlanta. thought these might be helpful for you to see that indeed this is happening here.

Atlanta Statistics

*All statistics are taken from “Hidden in Plain View” Mayors Report and the CSEC Senate Study Commission Meeting featuring the Shapiro Group Researchers in conjunction with The Juvenile Justice Fund.

o Atlanta has more strip clubs per capita than Las Vegas
o 80% of adult prostitutes begin between ages 12-14
o 1 in 3 women in the general population are victims of childhood sexual abuse-- this number is usually higher for women in the Adult Entertainment Industry
o In the state of Georgia alone, approximately 250 girls are recruited into prostitution on a monthly basis. There are over 4,000 strippers who work in the 40 adult entertainment clubs in and around the Atlanta area and statistics show there is a clear link between pornography, exotic dancing and prostitution.
o #1 site for prostitution is Craigslist
o The prices for erotic services on Craigslist are measured in "roses"
o When the mayor wrote Craigslist about this problem, they simply said, "We're only responding to demand."
o After much complaining, there is now a statement about GA laws and a link to the APD on the Craigslist erotic services pages but victims are STILL BEING BOUGHT AND SOLD on the site.
o When Atlanta raised the ordinance so that women under 21 could not get their dancing permit, it took 2600 girls off the stage
o Atlanta will become the 48th city in the United States to start a "John School" -- a school for first offenders to realize the effects of prostitution related activities
o The Shapiro Group, in conjunction with the Juvenile Justice Fund, estimates that when a young girl is dressed provacatively, she is assumed to be 8 years older than she actually is-- this leads many men to believe they are buying services (sex, lap dances, erotic services in general) from a legal woman, when in reality, she may be a child.
o When surveying Atlanta for areas of prostitution and trafficking, the Shapiro group has found that where strip clubs and hotels meet, illicit sexual activity is usually happening-- researchers sat in major hotels and watched the traffic from the strip clubs into the hotels
o Out of 500 escort phone numbers, 85% go to 3 main call centers-- this shows there are 3 main escort services that are trying to have the appearance of many different businesses. There is a organized nature to trafficking and sexual exploitation.
o There are 400-500 listings for erotic services/day on Craigslist
o Prostitution as a symptom—the victims are not running to the street, they are running from their homes.
o 75% of minors are controlled by a pimp
o There are more domestic minor sex trafficking victims in the US than international victims in the US
o Approximately 1.7 million runaway/throwaway episodes occur every year in the U.S., and 90% of runaways become a part of the sex trade industry. This recruitment doesn’t take much time or effort; 1 in 3 teens will be lured toward prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.5
o We can't make these victims compete with child abuse victims-- child abuse is revealed because of an outcry, CSEC victims do not speak out, they deny out of fear and intimidation.


JennaPurr said...


You really should call the police.
Right away.

On this website:

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that
between jan 2007 and sept 2008, a period of almost 2 years, there were 391 allegations of child sex trafficking in the us.

At the time of the report only 10% had been confirmed, over 20% were invalid.


If you have information regarding more than 31 children being trafficked in the past 2 years, please DO notify the proper authorities.

Just so you are aware, those statistics are coming from our government and NOT from a non-profit group trying to get millions of dollars from our government to "help" these non-existent victims.

Of the victims that DO exist, they aren't helped by these organizations.. ... they are prosecuted and these organizations push for tougher penalties.

I'm sure the "victims" aren't thanking you for making it IMPOSSIBLE for them to go to the police for fear of these tougher penalties.

How do you think a trafficker controls their victims ? They threaten to turn them into the POLICE.



david said...

I watched The Candy Shop on PBA 30 tonight and saw your listing. I am a songwriter and my co-writer Barry Allen and I co-wrote a song about Human Trafficking,I'm Not For Sale.It was written to bring awareness to this world wide crime and not for profit. We have a video that our friend Allen Smith produced for the song and we have let several internet sites use it.You may also use it if you want to.: