Monday, August 31, 2009

Who are the victims?

Who are the victims of Trafficking?

Trafficking victims hail from many countries, and their ranks include men, women and children subjected (i) to forced or coerced labor – including sweat-shop, agrarian, domestic servant, hotel and restaurant work or (ii) exploitation in commercial sex – which can include prostitution, escort services and pornography. Any person under the age of 18 who has been subjected to commercial sex is a victim of trafficking.

Victims can be exploited for both legal (e.g., hotel, restaurant and agrarian work) and illegal activities (e.g., the illegal drug trade, prostitution, child pornography).

Some victims are well-educated, and some are not. Citizenship in a particular country is not an element of trafficking; victims can be US citizens or non-citizens. Victims may be here legally on a visa, they may have permanent residence (green cards), or they may be here illegally or without status. Some victims are brought into this country by their traffickers. Other victims fall prey to their traffickers after arriving here.

This information is from The Department of Health and Human Services.

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