Saturday, August 8, 2009

how CVS works :)

some of you have asked me to write about how i save money at CVS each week so here you go. if what i write here does not make sense (it probably wont) go to moneysavingmom ~ CVS to read more.

so first you need to get a CVS card. when you get this you will now be able to take advantage of the deals they have that are specific to CVS. they also have what are called extra care bucks (ECBs) that you canonly earn with your card and purchasing items with these offers. you may be asking well doenst CVS mark up stuff and does "saving money" actually make you buy things you dont need? good questions, yes they do often mark up stuff and yes you could buy things you dont need. that is up to you. as far as the marking up thing, you just need to be smart and shop around and watch your coupons. CVSing is all about deals that CVS is already having, accumulating ECBs and using your manufacturers coupons.

so where do you get coupons? the sunday paper, online, ask your friends and family for theirs if they arent using them. you can go here to learn more about tricks to stashing lots of coupons.

this is what i do each week to prepare for shopping: i read the CVS circular (you can view an online version here), I read moneysavingmom, i read, and then i read through the coupons in the sunday paper. you can view the coupons that you can expect each week in the sunday paper, ahead of time here!!

i found that in the past if i read the paper first, i may not cut all the coupons that i need for what specials are going on. ~ well do you really need those things then erin, if you didnt clip the coupon? good question...maybe yes, maybe no. but you can always donate things you dont need to shelters etc. i get toothpaste and shampoo for almost free all the time so what not get it and donate it!

so the first thing you should do is get a CVS card, then go online and sign up with your email address and you will get an automatic $4 off $20.00 purchase.

then check out the above. pay close attention to what deals CVS is running that include ECBs back. lots of times on sunday and monday they will have a special 2 day deal that include things for you to purchase that will give you the EXACT amount back in ECBs, so you pretty much get your money back to buy something else.

one trick to note to shopping at CVS. give the cashier your card, then your purchases, then your coupons and THEN your ECBs. dont give your ECBs first other wise you will use more ECBs to pay for things that you will save on if you use the coupons first. also dont use a $5.00 ECB on a purchase that is less than that bc you will loose that money they dont give ECBs back if you spend one that is more than the amount owed!

let me give you an example of my most recent trip to see if this helps:

pantene shampoo and conditioner: 2 for $7.00 with $2.00 ECBs back
pantence curls mousse: $3.50
listerine agent mouth wash (pre brush) for kids: $2.95
listerine agent mouth wash (post brush) for kids: clearance price $1.47
sally hansen hard as nails polish and nail strengthener: $2.99 & $1.49. *SH was BOGO 50% off.
yellow highlighter: .01 cents

i had a coupon for:

$1.00 off 2 pantene products, this made the shampoo and conditioner only $6.00
$1.00 off any pantene styling product this made the mousse only $2.50
2~ $1.00 off any sally hansen products
$1.00 off the listerine smart rinse pre brush, this made it only $1.95
BOGO coupon for any listerinse smart rinse so i got the clerance item for FREE!
2 ~ $5.00 CVS ECBs from a previous trip

all total i would have spent (this is total retail price) $34.78
instead i only spent $4.49 for all of this:

now GO and save some money!!

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