Monday, August 31, 2009

How are victims recruited or entrapped?

How are victims recruited or entrapped?

Traffickers use a variety of techniques to recruit or entrap their victims. Sometimes they use brute force. More frequently, they make false promises of a better life or use coercive threats against the victims or their families.

Traffickers entice their victims through word-of-mouth, newspaper and telephone book ads, brochures, Web sites and fake or dubious employment, adoption or mail-order bride agencies.

Once in the, victims become even more vulnerable. They are separated from their families and support systems. They are unfamiliar with the laws and customs. And they do not know where they can turn for help.

Traffickers use a variety of techniques to keep their victims in forced labor or commercial sex. They threaten them with deportation or imprisonment or threaten to harm family or friends. They confiscate their victims’ immigration, identification or travel documents. They keep their money. They isolate their victims geographically or by limiting their contact with the outside world. They impose debts on their victims for having brought them into the country, for having “provided” them with food and shelter or for having arranged “work” for them, and then tell them that they must pay off the debt by doing what the traffickers tell them to do. They coerce their victims with threats to expose their situations to friends and family in the or elsewhere. Whether they use just one or several of these techniques, the traffickers ultimately paralyze their victims with fear so that they are unable to act against the traffickers wishes.

This information is from The Department of Health and Human Services.

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