Saturday, July 11, 2009


the very first day we arrived, as mommy and daddy were setting up our room, bug was riding a scooter on a ledge while pop pop watched her. she was fascinated by these scooters and the ledge that she kept calling a stage. bug has just learned how to push off with one foot to make the scooters go so she was showing off. the scooters were not the issues the "stage" was!

anyway she fell 4 or so feet off of this ledge with the scooter and onto the concrete. mom and dad didnt see it but it was horrible! her little mouth was bleeding, her lip was an immediate goose egg. she kept screaming ouchie, ouchie, ouchie. it was pitiful. anyway she healed and the blood was worse than the actual damage.

here are some pics from the week as the boo boo healed :(

day one ~ her lip was really swollen and she had 3 scratches on her face.

day two ~ her scratches starting to scab.

day five ~ scratches healing bruise forming. bug not really caring bc she has a mouth FULL of laffy taffy (salf water taffy).

last day ~ on the way home :)

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