Sunday, May 10, 2009

being her mom

i hope i am a good mom to my bug.

this past christmas my mom gave me a calendar with quotes for each day. on january 15th i read this:

"It will be gone before you know it. The fingerprints on the wall will appear higher and higher. Then suddenly they disappear." ~ Dorothy Evslin

i want to appreciate each day.

getting messy while she learns how to feed herself

eating an entire ice bream bar that resulted in chocolate all over her, her clothes and her stroller

playing in the mud getting her socks dirty

getting tissues everywhere

tattooing her legs :)

splashing in the water until all her clothes are soaked!

getting on the counter so she can get it "by herself"!!

playing with mommies stuff

not getting angry about writing on things she shouldnt bc she has not learned that yet

i love this little girl. she makes me laugh every day! i hope she loves me as much as i love her. enjoy this video of her being exactly who she is!!

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DeFeo Diary said...

erin - i needed to see this. i am a neat freak and it is SO against my core to let her just get dirty and make messes. i need to do it more. thanks for encouragin me.