Saturday, January 3, 2009

trip to the frozen undra

so, if you read my twitters or follow me on facebook you already know that we just spent a week in the frozen tundra. also known as minnesota. we had a great time visiting family (c's sister and her family live there) and look forward to going back next year. here are some fun pics of bug in the snow. ~all pics taken with my iphone, because i broke my brand new camera lense :(

mags first steps in the snow

she looked like the kids from christmas story when she was trying to walk in the snow. i was laughing so hard my stomach hurt!

what a cute little snow bunny!!

me and bug in the snow on the way to go sledding

so cold!

mags and her cousin annie (on the right) and a friend of annie's going sledding.

being pulled by daddy!

past that rail, what looks like snow on land, is actually a frozen lake!

people drive in this! CRAZY!

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