Tuesday, January 6, 2009

frozen tundra 2

while we were in minneapolis we went to the mall of america. wow was that a fun place. they have nickelodeon universe right smack in the middle. if you know my kid you know she loves, dora, diego and the backyardigans. so she was in heaven!!

this would be uniqua and tyrone!

tasha and austin!


dora and boots!

the nickelodeon store. mags was in HEAVEN!!

big girl with her purchases. of course i had to get her every stuffed guy they had. dora, boots, swiper, diego, baby jag, uniqua, tyrone, pablo, austin and tasha!!

so HAPPY~!!

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Susan and Lee said...

Oh my! Jake would have been in heaven and I would have been broke from buying Dora and Diego stuff too