Thursday, January 29, 2009


when she was just a little bug, i wondered when she would be able to do this by herself :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

fun outside

we played outside yesterday. nick and mags had a lot of fun playing baseball and playing on the slide.

make sure to notice the picture above. it is really hard to get a picture of sweet nick looking and smiling at the camera. isnt he handsome!!

true love

i found this new blog a few weeks ago called "i heart faces". each week they have a contest for children and adult faces. this weeks theme is JOY! this is my submission for both contests. there is not a better picture out there that communicates how much me and my bug love each other!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

random pics

here are a few random pics from my bug over the last month or so:

crazy static hair. i wish we had a better pic bc it was sticking up all over the place!

from christmas...anything else in here!!

where i found her, trying to wash her own hands. look at the balance in her legs. she amazes me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

so the eagles lost

some of you may be wondering what happened with the beard situation with my hubby. c, along with a lot of other eagles fans, decided not to shave until the eagles won the super bowl. well they lost this past sundays game.

my hubs had to shave. here are the before and after pics. i love me a little facial hair but he was looking a little too scruffy. dont know if we could have made it another 3 weeks!!

3 pacis

so how funny is she, she loves her pacis. they are like a fun toy for her. she plays with them all the time. she has taken to putting several in her mouth at once. she has made it to 4 at a time but i laugh so hard i cant get a pic of that. enjoy 3 pacis!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

click to our blog

for those of you who read in google/reader you will need to click on our blog to watch the video, i posted the wrong video in our post somehow and that babe isnt mags!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

the (*&^&%* almost hit the fan today

so i had to rearrange mags room yesterday bc for the past few weeks she has been able to get in an out of her crib by crawling over the rail. so i moved anything and everything away from the crib and took off the front so she cant climb over. of course she still climbs over the bed rail but it is was lower to the ground and she wont fall as far :)

you can watch her in action below.

so yesterday she slept in her new big girl bed for the first time for her nap:

about an hour 1/2 into the nap i hear her moving around in her room playing. i waited a while and checked on her bc i am trying to let her be a big girl and just play by herself. so after a few minutes i went to get her after she started knocking on the door!

i opened it and there she is naked baby and the whole room smells like poop! my smart girl unzipped her jammies, stepped out of then un~velcroed one side of her nasty poppy diaper and pulled it to the floor.

good news is no poop on the floor, walls or her ~ except for the hiney area ~ wow was i ever grateful, that could have been a big mess! i have heard horror stories about poop everywhere.

i am sure that isnt the end of that though since she hates clothes and takes them off any chance she gets.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

funny face

mags teacher miss tatum ~ AKA taytay~ took this pic today. how funny!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

my baby's got blue eyes!!

i just found out about this new photography blog ~ i heart faces ~ where you can post faces! so i thought i would submit this one of my sweet bug from this summer. she is so pretty. i love this picture of her bc as a toddler who is very adventurous it is very hard to get a picture of her face!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sleepy baby

look at this sweet sleepy baby. she fell asleep on her teachers lap at school. jenny had just changed her diaper and out she went right in the middle of the day at random. how sweet is this??!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

frozen tundra 2

while we were in minneapolis we went to the mall of america. wow was that a fun place. they have nickelodeon universe right smack in the middle. if you know my kid you know she loves, dora, diego and the backyardigans. so she was in heaven!!

this would be uniqua and tyrone!

tasha and austin!


dora and boots!

the nickelodeon store. mags was in HEAVEN!!

big girl with her purchases. of course i had to get her every stuffed guy they had. dora, boots, swiper, diego, baby jag, uniqua, tyrone, pablo, austin and tasha!!

so HAPPY~!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

trip to the frozen undra

so, if you read my twitters or follow me on facebook you already know that we just spent a week in the frozen tundra. also known as minnesota. we had a great time visiting family (c's sister and her family live there) and look forward to going back next year. here are some fun pics of bug in the snow. ~all pics taken with my iphone, because i broke my brand new camera lense :(

mags first steps in the snow

she looked like the kids from christmas story when she was trying to walk in the snow. i was laughing so hard my stomach hurt!

what a cute little snow bunny!!

me and bug in the snow on the way to go sledding

so cold!

mags and her cousin annie (on the right) and a friend of annie's going sledding.

being pulled by daddy!

past that rail, what looks like snow on land, is actually a frozen lake!

people drive in this! CRAZY!