Friday, September 12, 2008


so this week started out great. i called the hospital and made an appointment to get my 1st mammogram. i had planned to get one before i got pregnant with mags but if you even think you might be pregnant you cant get one. so i had to cancel that appointment. so finally with my moms cancer coming back i decided i better go! so i called on monday, went on tuesday and got a call from my dr on wed. uh oh! well i didnt get his message until after office hours. ~ i need to be better about checking voice mail. ~ so anyway of course i was a little nervous. i guess bc of the hippa laws he cant say anything on the message so he just said call me about your mammogram as soon as you can. ummmm. so i had to wait until thursday am to call him. well he called me first!!

gotta love that but it made me a little more nervous. he said they found something and i needed to go in to get more films. so i called and asked if they could fit me in right away. they did. i had to go back in thursday 12:30. (even though i put off the test for a while, once i make a decision i dont like to wait around.) its the activator in me if you are familiar at all with now discover your strengths.

anyway, so i finally called my mom bc i had not called her or my hubby yet. no need to have them worry if they didn't need to. my mom and dad drove over to be with me at the hospital.

so i went in and they did another mammogram just on the right side. by the way if you are reading this and you are a woman who is old enough to get a mammogram go, it DID NOT HURT! not even round two when they squeezed the fire out of me.anyway so i got another mammogram and then they came to me and told me i had to get an ultrasound. i guess they were not sure from the films so protocal has them do a ultrasound.

it was weird being there having this bc the last ultrasound i had i WAS SO EXCITED bc i was going to see my baby! now i was going to see this thing, whatever it is that is in me.

the nurse was so nice, they are so gentle and kind during this process. so i had an ultrasound and this is what we saw:

see the black spots? well black spots are good bc mostly they are just filled with fluid, no big deal, you drain them and move on. but mine is called a complicated cyst, bc there is some greyish white in the black.

if you click on this to enlarge it you can see a white streaks in the one view on the bottom. they said it was probably no big deal but of course that is easy to say when you are the nurse :)

anyway i go in this coming monday at 8:30 am to have it aspirated. if it wont come out we will move on to plan b. that is all i have for now.


amy said...

I only know you from your blog but I am so thankful for your honesty in this post. Even though I am a nurse, I didnt know what happens.

Thanks again!

Deborah said...

VERY HAPPY you took a positive step reguarding your health!! I will be thinking of you Monday morning!!Keep us posted!!


Susan and Lee said...

Thanks for sharing Erin. I really need to go have one too.

whittakerwoman said...

Girl, if you need anything let us know...I am sure you are a bundle of emotions. Hang in there! And let us know what we can do... H

amy said...

i was so glad to see you this morning. know that i am praying for you and love you!

allison said...

praying for you. -allison

Natalie said...

Wow, I'll be praying for you, and please let me know if you need anything. Keep me posted when you read anything.