Saturday, September 20, 2008

great gmas house

this will be a long post with lots of pictures!!! we (me and bug) went to savannah this week to help my grandmother (juicy lucy) get back on her feet after knee surgery. we left monday morning and got back a few hours ago on saturday night. what fun! here are some pictures from our adventure!

melt down at craker barrel.

rocking chair at cb. the ladies out on the porch LOVED her!!

playing in the car since we got locked out of gmas house!!

OUCH! gmas knee! it looks SO much better now. the swelling has gone down a ton!

playing cards. this was so funny. i have a video that i will post later. but she was going back and forth from the 2 chairs and moved cards for about an hour. she was sweating!!

my little girl who is usually a swingaphobe LOVED the swing!

milkshake from mickeydees while we waited for gma to have her therapy.

playing in the fridge. her new thing is to get in and try to shut the door while saying "bye, bye maggie".

playing the organ. she got up here all by herself.

her feet and hands at the beach!

beach night one!

beach night two.

notice the hair.

the wind was blowing so hard we couldn't stay long.

washing her beep beep.

reading with great grandma (she finally learned how to say ga~ma this week!)

trying to GET INSIDE the bottom of the cabinet!

tissues everywhere!

my sweet ball of love braylin. he is my 2nd cousin. he is such a love!!

kissing cousins!

one the ride home getting ready for sleepy!

out like a light!

we had the best time. she learned how to say a few words together at a time! when we went to get the mail, i handed it to her. she almost dropped it, but then said, "i got it"!! she also learned to to say: "i love you very much mommy" :)

this is also another conversation between us:

mags: milk
mom: what do you say?
mags: please...MOMMY
mom: what do you say?
mags: thank you, welcome!


Natalie said...

She's getting to be such a big girl! Cute pictures!

The Rice's said...

Love the news pics. Her hair looks so pretty! Miss you!