Saturday, August 23, 2008

new words

so a few weeks ago i said i would make a list of bugs vocab for you. well since she is adding a new word every day, sometimes more, i cant keep up. here is some of the list:

help, peas, beans, milk, coke, bath, aga (alligator), sheep, baa, moo, duck, dog, cat, meow, kitty kitty, horse, bull, giraf (giraffe), elphant (elephant), donkey, fish, bird, side (outside), door, truck, yeeyee (lily), banket (blanket), pcakes (pancakes), app (apple), mommy, daddy, nick, eb (ob ~ her gpa), becky, bekah, anna, school, green, book, nightnight, tv, vv (video), moose (her fav cartoon character, moose a moose), wow wow (her fav cartoon, wow wow wubzy), up, down, stuck, bar (granola bar), shoe, peepee, poopoo, za (pizza), cheese, more, again, tree, airpane (airplane), water, cup, baa (bottle), no no, yes, tankoo (thank you), chair, ice, ball, mema, pepa, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, feet...and the list goes on and on.

my favorite? i point to me and say whos this? she says mommy...i point to her and say whos this? she says MAGGIE!!! my mom taught her that. how fun! i will try to get it on video. so cute!!

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amy said...

She sounds so precious. Great list!