Saturday, July 19, 2008

cat fest mess, UGH!

so you know how they say when your kids are quiet they are usually into something. well i didn't think my sweet 16th month old was that sneaky yet. well was i wrong. yesterday when i was getting ready she was out doing something to entertain herself. i thought she was in her room playing with all her new shoes!

this is what i found when i came around the corner:

after she dumped all the water and cat food onto the floor, she started jumping in the water in her socks! good times!


Kelli said...

hehe....another reason why we love her! :)

Courtney said...

girl - i'm one of YOUR followers! :-) she is so precious. getting so big. because of you - i had to go out looking for shoes on sale today. i love that you like to stare at her asleep. don't you wish we'd fit in the crib with them?