Wednesday, July 30, 2008

16 months old. really?

is my baby REALLY 16 months old? how is that possible? she was just a little peanut not so long ago. now she is walking, talking, letting me know what she wants. it is amazing.

her milestones for now are:
  • she can do a somersault by herself now.
  • she can reach behind herself with her hands and lift her hiney off the ground. sort of like if you were doing a butt toning exercise. she seems to have a lot of arm strength.
  • she went up a set of steps on a slide the other day and lifted herself up on her arms and pulled her legs through to sit on her bottom to slide down.
  • she can almost jump and get her feet off the ground.
  • her vocabulary is up to about 50 words now. i will post another day about all of those.
  • she sleeps until about 7am most days. big change from 5:30-6:00.
  • she signs: more, please, and thank you regularly. AND she made up her own sign for thank you. instead of this:

she makes two fists and hits her tummy 2 times. it is so cute. i dont know where that came from :)
  • she is adding syllables to words now. pa for paci went to paci! she says doggy and mommy.
  • i trimmed her bangs for the 1st time. she wont let me do her little ponytails anymore so i had to trim the shaggy hair so she could see.
  • this one isnt so cute but she loves the tv. she will run up to it and do the please sign and say tv tv. it is so hard to not give in when she asks for it!
  • she still loves loves loves black beans and now sweet peas. she gets so excited when i make these things. she will say over and over again: beans, beans, beans or peas, peas, peas! she would rather eat those 2 things than ANYTHING else! crazy :)
anyway that is all for now. stay tuned for a vocabulary list of her words to date.

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