Thursday, June 12, 2008

update from the mom ~ 15 months

as the babe enters into almost 15 months of life, here is the latest on her. man she is a crazy, silly, happy girl!

  • she can say "please" in sign language without being asked. the other day we were playing the paci game where i put it in and out of her mouth, the second time i pulled it out she made the please sign!
  • she can make the "more" sign when prompted. we are working on "thank you" and "milk". we are sort of behind in our sign language but she is doing great.
  • she is only taking one nap now.
  • she has graduated into the toddler room at school.
  • she made her first piece of art the other day that was not made with her hand or feet prints.

  • she puts her face in the water in the tub and when swimming.
  • she loves to dance. at school they play the freeze dance game. she dances dances dances, then they say freeze and throw up their hands. she totally does it with them!
  • she loves to jump in the jumpy bounce house.
  • she loves to jump from the chair onto a pillow on the floor. not sure how active most kids are at her age but she is really flexible and always always on the move. tonight when she got out of the bath i couldnt get her diaper on bc she kept arching her back. like ALL THE WAY. like she was doing a back bend. crazy!
  • she can almost do a somersault ~ well sort of ~ she bends all the way down with her head on the floor and leans over, she falls to the side :)
  • she is on whole milk now.
  • she loves loves loves pickles and olives. she chose a pickle vs a cheese sandwich and fries the other day!
  • she is still a joyful, and happy ALL the time sweet girl.
here is a recent picture that we took of her that captures her EXACTLY!

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Brad & Jenn said...

She is getting so big! I can't wait to see her again! Miss you!