Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fun day at the park

we went to this really fun park the other day in roswell. it is called roswell rec park. it is sort of old but they have a little kids area that is closed in by a fence. i recommend it is you have small kids. i cant find the online link but it is right down the street from the down town roswell historic cemetery.

they have this fun tunnel that has cuts in it so you can get a grip. mags loved it!!

here she is in one of the bucket swings. she loved this too. she was just chilling and then leaned forward with her arms over the swing and tipped forward and almost fell out. i took a HUGE breath in and ran to her and said something loud like "OH MY GOSH MAGS!" and you know what she did?? she laughed out loud at mommy. they are so fearless!


Kelli said...

Mags in that bucket swing is priceless!!

KatieMGreen said...

i love the little pony tail!!!