Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a roseola by any other name

is NOT as sweet.

so my little bug has been sick for a while now.

it all started last thursday night. she just was not herself and had a rough night. i assumed it was her teeth bc i can see a molar coming in. well friday same thing. not my usual sweet CRAZY all over the place bug. we went outside bc my mom has a pool. what did bug do? she sat in my lap and ate ice chips. in hindsight i see that was bc her fever had spiked and she was hot and thirsty. so after she just was not into being outside and all she did was sit in my lap ~ keep in mind she is usually all over the place and we have to chase her down to keep her contained ~ we went inside. i took her temp bc she was really hot. i thought it was again just teeth and would prob only be 99 or so. well it was 101 ish. so i gave her some motrin and didnt think anything else of it.

later that night on the way home from moms, (she lives about an hour away) bug didnt go to sleep. she kept moaning from the back seat. usually at 8pm at night in the car is a guaranteed out like a light scenario. so when i got her home i took her temp again and it was 104.5! i pulled the termometer out at 104.5 and called the Dr. it may have even been higher!

so we went to the hospital to make sure all was well. as a new mom with a baby that has not been sick a lot especially with fevers i sort of freaked out at that number. (these 2 pics are how she looked all weekend, so pitiful)

anyway we were at the hospital for 2 hours. they gave her a huge syringe of tylenol. waited 40 mins, took her temp. still 104, gave her motrin, waited 40 mins. her fever finally broke, we went home. they couldnt find a cause for the fever. she was clean in all her parts and no strep came back from her test.

we watched her all weekend and the last time she had a fever was sat night.

well...last night we get home and she has this:

click to see details

poor little bug has roseola. which is not a huge deal but looks exactly like measles. and since there is a measles outbreak i sort of thought that might be it.

but it isnt. she is ok. but if you are a new mom and your baby has a really high fever and then breaks out in a rash after the fever stops then you should know (and it might save you $100+ on hospital visits and co pays) that it is probably roseola.


Susan and Lee said...

Oh my Erin. I bet you were a little scared

Brad & Jenn said...

Paige had that once and I totally freaked out. Before we went to the doctor I was positive that she had measls too. So scary!! She had the rash very fast. The fever was first but my doctor got to see the rash.

Deborah said...

Hope Mag's is feeling much better today....Mom and Dad too!!!! Tough seeing the one you love so much not feeling good AT ALL!!Thinking of you all!!