Thursday, May 1, 2008

hair loss mystery solved

i hope anyway..

went to the dr and had some blood taken. we found out that i have almost NO iodine in my system. who would have thought to have that checked? anyway i looked it up and lack of iodine can cause a lot of problems but one of them is:

Iodine is vital to your hair growth. Sheep farmers long ago found that vegetation-lacking iodine 
due to iodine-depleted soil would adversely affect the growth of wool in their sheep.
Likewise, to avoid hair loss, you need iodine. Iodine is synthetically added to table salt,
however in this form it is not assimilated well into your body and can therefore cause iodine overload.

An excess of iodine in the body can adversely affect the thyroid. The lack of iodine can cause
hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism, your cell metabolism slows down and body cells and hair
cells don't receive the energy they need to function properly. When you lack iodine,
you will lose more hair than normal and may even lose eyebrow hair.

it can also cause breast cancer:

The essential trace element iodine may be the most important least publicized mineral in existence. Iodine is the only element needed in hormones and in the production of hormones. The iodine containing hormones are involved in the creation of embryos, development of brain function, growth, metabolism and maintenance of body temperature. This means that proper amounts of thyroid hormone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, growth hormone etc. can not be made when iodine is lacking from the body. One third of all individuals on Earth are functioning with subnormal levels of iodine. Low intake of iodine is the leading cause for intellectual deficiency in the world.

There is strong evidence that iodine lack predisposes to breast cancer.

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