Thursday, May 15, 2008

car seat ~ new rules

so tonight in my parent magazine i came across a blurb that made me smile. so i am not crazy after all. you see mags has been riding rear facing in her car seat since she was a wee babe and still rides rear facing even though she is over 20 lbs and is 14 months old. i read a long time ago that extended rear facing is safer for your child. there is more support for her little neck if we crash. i have heard it described that their heads are like a melon on a popcicle stick in an accident.

tonight i read that there is in fact new research out there confirming this. it is now recommended that your child stay rear facing until they reach the seats height and weight limits for the convertable car seat. this is usually 36 inches tall and 30-35 lbs. (depending on your seat of course, ours is 50 lbs)

i cant find any links on the web for this new research but i do have the following you can link to that mentions these new recommendations and will cover all the what ifs. what if my child wants to face forward, wont his/her legs break if we have an accident etc.

anyway i just wanted to share :)

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whittakerwoman said...

I got lectured by the police man because sohaila who is 6 was in a booster seat. So annoying. H