Friday, May 2, 2008

adopting william

you may remember when i posted about this family that is trying to adopt a special needs child from liberia.

william was born with severe needs. mercy ships stepped in a provided the much needed surgery for im. the following are some before and after pictures.

the mom just got a call that they will be getting him soon. they need to raise the rest of the money. if you would like to donate to them please visit their blog.

the following is the latest from them

I got a call today that we have PASSPORT and FINALIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because William already got his Visa pre approval with the US Embassy in Liberia we don't have anything left to wait on!!!!!!!
Well we do...we have to wait for Acres of Hope(my agency) in Liberia to DHL me the paperwork to submit to USCIS Detroit for William's I600. Normally this can take a couple weeks but with my Liberian daughter I found that calling them and emailing them daily(aka stalking)really moved things along. I got approval for her in 2 days. I intend to do the same with William :) Wish me luck ;)

So we are now SO close. I am so excited and a little scared. But God is GOOD! Yee hee I am so happy!!!

Love ya all,


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