Wednesday, April 23, 2008

update from the mom

here is a list of things that the babe has been doing lately:
  • not sleeping :) seriously i think the girl must be in a serious growth spurt or about to embark on a new milestone bc she is really off her "routine" ~ if you know me then you know i say routine in quotes bc we are not structured people. but she does sleep on a pretty routine basis. AM and PM naps and then night night between 7-8 and up between 6-7. well today she took ONE 1 hour nap all day. i thought for sure she would be a bear at 5:30 tonight. nope she went strong until 7:45!!
  • not eating very much. i am finally weaning her from her bottle during the day in the hopes that she will eat more food. well not so much. yet anyway. we will see what happens bc it has only been a few days without daytime bottles.
things she is doing that are fun!!
  • talking a lot!! she can say up, bubble, dog, eye (s), ball.
  • she knows what it means when i say lets go take a bath. she will walk up the stairs and into my bathroom where we have the big fun tub.
  • she can find and bring me her shoes, water, paci and pajamas when i ask her to.
  • she can climb up onto a chair and then balance with no hands. (not the safest i know but cute and she likes it) see super maggie video below.
  • can open and close the VCR (we are a little old school still)
  • she loves to read her books. she really likes these new look and find books that have things you pull out to see stuff under. we got them from a friend for her birthday. thank you erica, shaun and jack!
  • she loves to play "get the doggy and get the kitty" i will have to get it on video. but basically she will head butt the doggy and kitty like she is trying to get them. it is adorable. she "got " mommy the other day.
  • she loves to dance.
  • she loves to spin. and will spin on request now.
  • she likes to play chase and will run around the house while you try to get her ;)
basically she is amazing and i am constantly in awe of the fact that i get to be her mom.

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