Saturday, April 5, 2008


attention long post ahead...

so tonight i cleaned out my closet bc i read this great article that suggested packing for a 2 month trip where you need warm and cool clothes (2 suitcases only) and put the rest away to go get if you want it and if after 1 yr. if you dont miss it, get rid of it. great idea!! so i started going through things. well i found all of my pre baby and even early pre marriage clothes!! UGH!!!

when i met c i could fit into this:

my waist used to be so small that i had to buy 0-2 sized skirts bc the other sizes would be too big. now this was only for skirts. bc i have always had hips and a butt. (sorry guy readers)

anyway. my waist was this big then:

i also fit into these when i started working at the church 4 1/2 yrs ago:

this is a dress

these are a pair of pants

now my waist is this:

now i would give anything to fit into a size 8-10. what happened? i know i know i had a baby, but i had a baby A YEAR AGO. i guess i just got lazy and comfortable in my marriage. c loves me no matter what. but i want to be that girl he married. my wedding dress was a size 6 too.

i used to be able to wear a medium sized tee shirt and a size 6 pair of jeans and NOT look like a street walker. now i am lucky to fit into a size XX tee shirt. (i know some of you are thinking it must be nice, well not so much)

i just wanted to get this off my chest bc i am so serious this time. i am going to the gym this week to sign up. i am taking the stairs at work. i am not eating any more chocolate. no more fast food. i am going to take it one day at a time just like drinking. if i can not drink today (i have been sober 9 yrs this coming thursday) then i can eat healthy and exercise today.

hold me accountable!


Darcie said...

I will say, if it's an encouragement at all, I gave up fast food for about 3 years and lost the taste for it completely. Occasionally I'll have a burger, but French fries make me want to yack. Stay strong!
And RYC-Ritz crackers are yummy :)

Kristen said...

you can do it!!!!!!!! i'll call you on stuff :)

and 2 became 5 said...

You go girl!
And it was really great to see you today - if only for a second. Would love to catch up soon.

Jared & Stacey said...

For starters...YEA for 9 years. That is incredible and worth some serious celebrating. Congrats.

I had to smile at your post...and I understand "so serious this time". It sure has been easy to get comfortable in this area of marriage isn't it?

I'd love to join you...let us know what we can do to support you. And PLEASE call me to take these girls for a walk! said...

OH yes! I feel your pain - in the most real and present way. I recently was pregnant and gained alot of weight. I then lost the baby and not the weight - talk about a double whammy. God really brought me through that time. Hang in there. Just look at your beautiful baby and know that you have something to show for it.

I'm having some break throughs about eating and losing weight. Check out my blog for some encouragement:

Lexi said...

Good luck and I know you can do it! See you on Sunday!

Amber said...

you go Erin! YOU CA DO IT!!! I love your honesty. So refreshing.

Courtney said...

i loved your honesty, too. you are awesome and i know you can do it! you're beautiful as can be at any size - but i can certainly relate to the frustration of not feeling your best. talk to my sis. she just did a great, doable program through chick-fil-a's wellness center.