Friday, July 20, 2007

4 months and one week old-update from the mom

this is the update from the mom for mag's latest!
  • she is doing great. she is officially on rice cereal as of today. we gave it to her once a few weeks ago but decided to wait until she went to the dr. she went today and all is well.
  • she weighs 16.6lbs and 24.5 in long. she is only in the 48% for height (like me) but she is in the 91% for weight! thats my little michelin baby. but who doesnt love a fat baby?
  • she is talking a ton as you can see from the video "talking up a storm". she is trying to roll from back to front and is chewing on everything. the dr said even though she is drooling and probably teething she doesn't think she will have any teeth until 6 months. so we will see.
  • she is still happy all the time with a few meltdowns thrown in. she has been waking up a lot lately in the middle of the night, the dr said it was probably b/c of growing and until she is 6 months it is ok to go to her and comfort her. after 6 months they recommend letting her cry it out for a while. i read a magazine the other day that had 4 different methods for getting your baby to sleep through the night and thankfully one of the methods was called the "no cry method". i am grateful a real method exists that is called that because i was beginning to think i was a bad mom b/c i don't like to let her cry for too long.
  • we are going to have to move her to her crib soon b/c she is about to outgrow her bassinet but i can tell you that it is going to be hard. not only do i like having her right there so i can see and hear her so close but it is so convenient when she needs to eat!
she is the best baby and i can't be more grateful for her!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

fun in my exersaucer

talking up a storm

random shots of me

me and my exersaucer (it was hot in here so i took my shirt off)

me and tatum one of my teachers at school :)

i just got this bear it is so funny it laughs at me

me and (great gpa) pepa

me and great grandma lucy

Saturday, July 7, 2007

first solid food video

first solid food

so this is me with my first solid food..doesnt really look like i need anything else than i am already getting but it was fun. one of my moms friends started giving her baby cereal at 3 months so since i am almost 4 we figured we would go for it!

most of it got on my bib :)

upside down video

upside down

so how funny am i? i scooted myself all the way down in my seat, you cant really tell but my head is almost where my hiney should be and my feet are up in the air, my mom thought this was hilarious!

itsy bitsy spider

playing with my cousins

bouncy seat

purple chair christian

purple chair maggie mae

more beach trip

am i cute? i look like a little model (my mom thinks so anyway)

i just started reaching for toys this

me and my guys!

family self portrait

my foot prints at the beach!!

me and mom are twins :) happy 4th!

anthony, me and christian (A and C are only a few days apart, they are a month older than me)

dinner with the family at the beach

dad and his sister

me and pop pop

poppop and me and dad

mimi and me and dad

marina, dad, mary beth and me

annie, dad and cate

little christian

mimi and christian

cousin rachel and me

Monday, July 2, 2007

my first trip to ocean city NJ

me and dad

family self portrait

mimi and me and my cousin christian

me and mom and dad at the beach for the first time~the water was freezing!

water baby! look at my bikini!

cousin christian



christian squared :)

kissing cousins~look we are holding hands!!