Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

in no certain order (bc that would take entirely too long) here are my fav pics from this past year!

~ do you have a favorite one from these??

(time to add some comments after i got some sleep)

her name

8 months

1 week old love the sock hands

5 days old, day 1 at home :)

4 weeks old

4 weeks old

8 1/2 months

piano prodigy :)

8 months

lying outside on the ground ~ taken from my cell

2 weeks

her and her brother

just born

playing with daddy

fat cheeks

we love her!!

food buzz ~ i can feed my self ~ she has never tried again must have been the novelty of the spoon

right out of the belly

tummy time week 1 ~ making her work for it, :) i really believe this is why she is so strong now, we did exercises in the very beginning

me and my sweet baby

daddy and bug

first time in a bumbo, 10 weeks old, she loved it

my big girl, she looks so old

love this pic, look at the belly!




i just love this picture

self portrait

look at the pudger!

sleeping beauty


the beginning of the belts :)

milk face (click to enlarge to see the milk remnants)

grooving in the bouncy seat, one sock on, one sock off

budda no neck!!

bili bed ~ week 2

one of my fav pics!

her and michael, hilarious!!

first smile on film

first cleavage pic


funny bc she had scooted all the way down in the seat!

line backer! 4 months

5 months ~ first time at the beach

first day home